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The need to provide employment and services for fast-growing populations is driving massive government spending across the Middle East. Investment potential is significant and growing as many of the region’s economies embark on ambitious development strategies with a strong emphasis on diversification.

Infrastructure will be the key driver for this development, but economic growth is driving opportunities across many different sectors, from power, communications and manufacturing to IT, renewables, logistics and many more.

Publications from Alain Charles Publishing Ltd. track progress in all these sectors. In fact, we have been reporting on the region’s economic developments for more than three decades. Our first Middle East business magazine, Technical Review Middle East, was launched in 1984. Today it is one of the best-known sources of news and analysis across the many countries and industries that make up this vibrant and complex region.

Oil and gas, however, remain a key focus for investment and economic activity throughout the Middle East and North Africa. That is why Technical Review Middle East has in recent years been joined by Oil Review Middle East. First published in 1997, Oil Review Middle East is a leading resource for oil and gas professionals and decision makers within the region and beyond.

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Zambia train AfricaAfrica is a growth leader. Over the past decade, six of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies were African. That growth is set to continue, much of it boosted by developments in the telecommunications and oil sectors.

The continuing boom in mobile telecommunications, the arrival of undersea communications cables, and significant oil and gas reserves in countries as diverse as Ghana, Uganda, Angola and Egypt will encourage investment in multiple sectors of the region’s economy.

It is a region that Alain Charles Publishing Ltd knows better than almost any other business publisher. We have been providing insights into business trends in the African region for nearly half a century. We launched our first African magazine, African Review of Business and Technology, in 1964. Since then four other magazines have followed: African Farming (1977), African Textiles (1979), Communications Africa (1991), and, most recently, Oil Review Africa (2006).

All have become industry-leading publications. They are the magazines of choice for key decision makers and opinion leaders in business and government, including CEOs, MDs and senior government officials.

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Europe has more than 50 per cent of the market share of global tourism. For the travel industry that makes reliable intelligence into this world-leading market a key concern.

Travel BulletinOur industry-focused publication Travel Bulletin offers that intelligence. It has been following trends and providing first-class content for the global travel industry since 1975. And its readership is as wide-ranging as its editorial coverage: Travel Bulletin is distributed not in one city or state but throughout the world.

Travel Bulletin combines informative editorial content with a highly targeted circulation, ensuring that your message is visible to a powerful audience of potential customers. Its readership comes from all areas of the travel industry, including travel agents, shop owners, managers, supervisors, travel consultants and professionals, and all members of ABTA, the Global Travel Group and the Travel Trust Association.

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Far East & Asia

Singapore Asia growthAsia is home to some of the world’s most powerful economies and a key sector for both inward and outward investment. China, India and Japan have a combined GDP of $18.3tn and, on present forecasts China will become the largest economy in the world in less than a decade. Many other countries in the region, such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, are also enjoying sustained growth.

Alain Charles Publishing has been involved in the region since 1984 through its specialist publication Far Eastern AgricultureFar Eastern Agriculture. For more than 30 years, this magazine has provided readers with intelligent editorial on innovations in all agricultural sectors, the evolution of the regional and global market and sustainable agricultural development.

Far Eastern Agriculture is also a magazine with true cross-border reach. Our mission is to link suppliers of machinery, equipment, materials and expertise with Asia’s key buyers, from farm and plantation managers to technical managers, importers and procurement agents, and to guarantee that your advertising message will reach our influential readership.

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